Park Avenue Free Methodist Church is a people-based church, but with any group of people, there needs to be some from within that group to lead.

The church at Park Avenue have a group of leaders who make up what is known as ‘The Board of Adminstration’. Each Board member is selected from the membership of the church by the members of the church. All have given testimony to their salvation by God’s grace through faith in Jesus Christ.

The number of leaders on the Church board is reflective of the number of people attending church on a regular basis.

At present there are seven leaders that make up the Church Board, the serving minister being the chairperson of the Board.

The members of the Board will change every two years, except for the treasurer and the church lay delegate, although there is allowance for the extension of one year under certain circumstances to serving Board members.

At present the Board members are:

Pastor Jeremy Forsythe (Chairman)

Jonny Gray (Lay Delegate, Treasurer)
Phillip Meeke (Lay Delegate)
Connie Meeke (Secretary)
Daryn Adair
Sharon Kelly
Kerry Millan

The church consists of many organizations ranging in age from the very young to the ’not so young‘ and all of them have their own leaders, helpers and team members.