Park Avenue Free Methodist Church was formed in 1968. It is situated in the heart of East Belfast, a ‘stones’ throw from Harland and Wolff Shipyard.

The church over the last 40 years has been served by a number of ministers:

Rev. F. Bell
Rev. C. McNielly
Rev. E. Stafford
Rev. I. Stewart
Rev. N. Morrell

and our current pastor, Rev. J Forsythe.

The longest serving minister is the Rev. F. Bell who served the Lord and people of Sydenham faithfully for 21 years and during that time enjoyed a very fruitful ministry.

The church is a warm, friendly and inviting church that welcomes people of all ages and culture who are either seeking the Lord, or whose desire it is to worship the Lord.

Park Avenue Free Methodist Church is a thriving and growing church, which seeks to minister Jesus to our immediate community and throughout the world as we encourage and support missionary enterprise.

The church comprises all ages of people from the very young to the more ‘mature’ with a rich blend of traditional and contemporary praise which enhances the worship.

The vision the church has for the future is that it will continue to be what it always has been, a Bible believing, Christ-centered group of people, ever seeking through its ministries to see people won for the Lord so that it will continue to grow, develop and mature and so be an effective witness for Jesus Christ.