Links to other faith based services

Free Methodist Church
The main Free Methodist Church UK website.




Bible Gateway
If you don’t own a bible then Bible Gateway is a great place to get access of many versions of the Bible.

BibleGateway is a great resource for those seeking answers to some of life’s most important questions.


Faith Mission
The Faith Mission exists to reach people with the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. As an interdenominational agency, it works closely with all Christian churches that share a similar concern for passionate evangelism and evangelical truth, especially in areas where there is little or no biblical witness.

Faith Mission


Light & Life Magazine
We are the communications team for the Free Methodist Church – USA.



Free Methodist World Missions
Get information on the current status of Free Methodist Missions ongoing worldwide.



Sandes was founded by Elise Sandes when she started bringing soldiers to visit Christian homes where they could make friends and hear the gospel.




Child Evangelism Fellowship
Child Evangelism Fellowship® is the world’s largest mission society ministering exclusively to children. Each year CEF® reaches over 12 million children around the world in 187 countries.


Evangelism Explosion International

Evangelism Explosion is a ministry that trains people how to share their faith in Christ and how to bring people from unbelief to belief. It utilizes a variety of components including prayer, actual on-the-job training where the experienced lead the inexperienced, and the principle of spiritual multiplication.

“Multiplication” is the key component, not just winning people to the Lord one-by-one (addition). But training those won to the Lord to win, and then train, others. In the Book of Acts we read that the disciples “multiplied” and “multiplied exceedingly.” This shift from addition to spiritual multiplication offers the one real hope of sharing the Gospel with a world population that is, itself, continually multiplying.

On-the-job training is another vital ingredient. By actually going out with experienced trainers in real life witnessing situations, people learn how to share their faith. Much like learning to fly an airplane would be impossible without actually getting in the cockpit, evangelism is difficult without leaving the confines of a classroom.

By learning small parts of the Gospel each week, including Bible verses and illustrations, people incrementally grasp a Gospel tool that becomes a lifelong mission.